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Recalls, MOOS, SKU and Category Sorts

What We Provide

Elevate your supply chain with unique Nissi Sortation System, a game-changer in sorting vast product quantities down to SKU level with unparalleled speed and efficiency. At the core of our success is a proprietary algorithm that marries cutting-edge machine learning and data analytics, ensuring not just accuracy but a level of precision that transforms logistics. But we go beyond sorting – our service seamlessly integrates UPC labels, enhancing traceability and compliance. Picture this: we recently processed a remarkable 314,000 units of apparel in a mere 6 weeks, showcasing our commitment to operational excellence. What sets us apart is our algorithm's unique ability to prioritize SKUs for return, optimizing reverse logistics with unmatched intelligence. Experience logistics redefined – choose NISSI for a future-ready solution that propels your business forward.

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