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Recalls, MOOS, SKU and Category Sorts

What We Provide

Elevate your supply chain with our 3PL service, a game-changer in sorting vast product quantities down to SKU level with unparalleled speed and efficiency. At the core of our success is a proprietary algorithm that marries cutting-edge machine learning and data analytics, ensuring not just accuracy but a level of precision that transforms logistics. But we go beyond sorting – our service seamlessly integrates UPC labels, enhancing traceability and compliance. Picture this: we recently processed a remarkable 314,000 units of apparel in a mere 6 weeks, showcasing our commitment to operational excellence. What sets us apart is our algorithm's unique ability to prioritize SKUs for return, optimizing reverse logistics with unmatched intelligence. Experience logistics redefined – choose NISSI for a future-ready solution that propels your business forward.


Revolutionize your supply chain efficiency with our comprehensive services, featuring dedicated floor space and highly trained staff for seamless returns processing, integrating advanced systems that facilitate smooth transactions, including the option for crediting back customers. Inquire about our cutting-edge ozone room capabilities to enhance the processing of apparel, ensuring a top-tier experience for both you and your customers.


Optimize your supply chain integrity with our 3PL expertise, delivering meticulous QA sorts and inspections tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive services encompass precise measurement inspections, stress resistance assessments, and expert trimming, ensuring your products meet exacting standards. With added capabilities such as mold remediation services and thorough manufacturer quality reviews, we guarantee the highest quality control, safeguarding your reputation and exceeding customer expectations.

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